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Selection of completed projects

Marina Dubrovnik

Take a look at another of our projects in Croatia called Marina Dubrovnik. As the name indicates, it contains 16 apartments in four buildings, 5 km from the historical city of Dubrovnik.

Project’s website

Villa Korčula

Villa Korčula was a project of 3 new villas with their own land near the beach in Croatia, on the island of Korčula. The houses were located within walking distance of the historic center and yet in nature. The project was implemented in 2022.

Řeporyje in the Gardens

In the years 2008 - 2020, the implementation of our largest project called Řeporyje v zahradych took place. It involved the construction of 154 family houses in the desirable location of Prague 5 - Řeporyje.

Project’s website

Hrnčíře in the Gardens

Hrnčíře v zahrady was a project of 18 family houses in Prague 4 - Hrnčířy. All the houses have found their new owners, who are now enjoying the benefits of living in a big city in a family house with its own garden. The project was completed in 2016.

Ypsilonka Polyfunctional Building - Plzeň

The project was completed in March 2019, the costs of construction were CZK 150,000,000 and the period for the project’s realisation was 20 months.

Šeberov Farmhouse

Refurbishment of a former farmhouse in Hrnčíře, Prague 4, K Šeberovu, land-registry no. 508, with 39 apartments. The project has a very intimate character, which was appreciated primarily by more demanding clients.

Apartment Building in Plzeň

The apartment building was completed in 2017, the realisation period was 15 months and the price of construction reached CZK 75,000,000.

By the Kamýk Park

Apartment block located in Cihlářova street, Prague 4 with 30 flats in 1-room (“1+kk”) to 3-room (“3+kk”) categories. The project also involved 26 parking lots for “2+kk” apartments and bigger. The project was approved in autumn 2007.